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Zumos (100 %) : Naranja , Piña , Tomate , Melocotón , Otros sabores , Multifrutas

Frescos/ pasteurizados

Mosto/ Zumo de uva

Con leche sin refrigeración : Naranja , Mandarina , Otros Sabores

Néctares Sin Azúcar : Naranja , Piña , Melocotón , Multifrutas

Bebidas Refrescantes Vitaminadas




Oficina Central

Murcia - Murcia

Snood, Snood Juice

It?s with great sense of pleasure that I write to introduce Snöod Juices ? Naturally delicious products like no other, to you. Snöod Juices are delicious 100% fruit juices with vitamin and mineral sources from Pineapple, Pears, Grapes, Carrots, Peaches, etc. Snöod Juice Company has 12 delicious combinations of fruits and organic products with charming flavors, specifically produced to meet all ...your body?s natural, healthy and organic needs. LOW sugar! NO Allergens!! NON-GMO!!! ? Simply the products you can trust. Snood products: Organic Carrot juice, organic mango juice, organic tangerine juice, organic apricot juice and organic pear juice, Pineapple Juice, Pear Juice, Tropical Juice, Peach and Grape Juice. VIDA Nature's Blends by SNÖOD JUICE, our line of beneficially delicious fruit & spices juices. Snood & Vida are full of nutrients, 100% natural and purely Organic, NON-diluted Juices! We have continued to thrive in fulfilling our mission to deliver top quality Juice products under the guidelines of integrity, high standards of quality, and with respect for our Mother Nature. Our factory and head office is located in Murcia, Spain which is privileged to have the ideal environment and climate that creates the perfect agricultural hub for organic life. We are currently serving more than 15 countries, including the United States, Canada, P.Rico, etc. Great Taste Calms The Soul! Experience this Great taste of What a 100% Fruit Juice is Today With Snöod! A Taste will Convince You Browse through our website @ for more info about Snöod Juice Products Call us or Email us Today and we will be very happy to have you as our customer

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