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What is Aecoc Trade?

A FREE online platform that connects suppliers, distributors and consumers for finding and discovering products, placing emphasis on those that are innovative or that follow the latest trends.

Who is it geared at?

Although the solution is mainly geared at SME and microenterprise suppliers, it may also be particularly useful for any other type of organisation from the Mass Market and Hotel and Catering sectors, regardless of their size (large manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and other operators) and, of course, the end consumer.

How can it help you?

If you are a supplier. By promoting your company and the benefits and novelties of your products to your potential customers, and making it easier for you to find and meet with them. In addition, if you have a website, it will allow you to improve your digital presence in search engines.

If you are a distributor, wholesaler or another type of operator. As an agile daily work tool equipped with quality information, which helps you find and discover new suppliers and products that improve your range, adapting it to the main market novelties and trends.

If you are a consumer. Catering products at your fingertips, so that you can identify the preferences that best match the lifestyle you wish to lead.

How can I register?

  1. Log into your company account associated with AECOC via the “My Account” section on the website
  2. Verify or edit the information that we have about your company on the platform.
  3. Accept the AECOC TRADE general conditions to confirm your participation in the service and to publicise your company’s information specified in the previous point.

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