A digital platform that shows key information about companies so that manufacturers can connect with distributors and consumers in a quick and effective manner.
AECOC TRADE facilitates the discovery and beginning of commercial relations between manufacturers and distributors.
Who is AECOC TRADE aimed at?
For industries that wish to give greater visibility to their products, understand the market and its trends, as well as discover distributors –whether from traditional trade or the online world– that can help them to market their products.

For wholesalers and distributors, both from the mass market and the hotel and catering sector, to help them improve their range, and also obtain information on the market and trends.

Consumers, who can discover products and obtain complete and accurate information about them.
What type of companies can I find in AECOC TRADE?
In the first phase, manufacturing companies, wholesalers and distributors of food products, beverages and fresh products.


  • Animal food
  • Cleaning products
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Baby-childcare
  • Toys and games
  • Stationery
  • Home and garden
  • Hardware
  • Electronics – Technological consumer goods
  • Sport

What type of searches can I perform in AECOC TRADE?

Searches of interest to users may include:

  • Manufacturers of organic honey in Andalusia
  • Producers of oranges sold in France
  • Producers of oil with the SIQEV quality seal
  • What company the 841234512346 code belongs to
  • Vegan products.
  • Manufacturers of gluten-free organic pasta
  • Ham being sold in China
  • Chocolate manufacturers for the hotel and catering sector
  • Chocolates for the hotel and catering sector
  • Online food distributors
  • Online meat product distributors
  • Etc

What information does AECOC TRADE provide about the companies?

  • Company activity
  • Company description
  • Website and online store
  • Social networks on which it is active
  • Products or product categories that it produces, manufactures or markets
  • Brands
  • Marketing channels that it uses
  • Consumption trends that it targets
  • Its target markets
  • Quality assurance (certificates, awards, recognitions, etc.)
  • Location

How does AECOC TRADE help companies to have more visibility?
Besides from providing visibility in the www.aecoctrade.com search engine itself, participating companies may also boost their visibility in search engines such as www.google.es.

The structured implementation of the page correctly following international standards defined for locating companies and products improves their positioning in search engines.
What is AECOC TRADE’s scope?
We aim to be a platform of international reference for finding Spanish companies and products from the Mass Market and the Hotel and Catering sectors.