As its name itself suggests, AECOC TRADE comes from two words: AECOC, the Asociación Española de Codificación Comercial (www.aecoc.es) and TRADE, an indicator that this platform is intended to facilitate contact and commercial relations between the main agents that make up the consumption sectors (the suppliers, their customers or potential customers and the final consumer).

AECOC TRADE is not intended as a transactional platform in which products can be sold or purchased directly. It is rather a free and open space intended to facilitate sales through other channels (manufacturer's website, distributor's website, point of sale, etc.). To this effect, it includes a search engine and a series of very sophisticated features enable users to find all the relevant information that each user profile needs, relating to the companies and the products sold on the market, quickly and easily. This information places a strong emphasis on reflecting the benefits, trends and more differential aspects of products and companies. It is therefore very enriching information that facilitates the discovery of new developments and decision making in the buying and selling process, saving the user a lot of time and money.

AECOC TRADE will continue to grow with the intention of gradually incorporating more information and new features into the platform, in order to improve the visibility of companies and products on the market, as well as the purchase and consumption experience right from its initial phase.