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Javier Viniegra



Villamediana de Iregua - La Rioja

3 Lises

From selected raw materials, and applying artisanal production methods resulting from our extensive experience, we can offer you our wide range of pates and duck products that we hope will satisfy the most demanding palates of our customers, and for its variety of formats, will adapt to your needs. 3 Lises is a family business founded by Isidro Viniegra in 1989 together with his sons Javier and Is ...idro, located in Logroño, capital of La Rioja, which dominates the Ebro corridor. After training in France in the 70s, he works as head of production of top-level national companies, deciding with his children to start their own company taking advantage of their extensive experience and know-how with products derived from duck and pates. In 3 Lises we are dedicated to the production of high quality pâté and duck products, production that is made with selected raw materials (ducks of the mulard breed fattened with whole corn), and applying artisan production methods resulting from our extensive experience and knowledge of the best production methods, getting products that are distinguished from the rest by their taste, and easy preparation.

Information reviewed in January 2018